Portrait Painting Classes – the smaller the better

I know from bitter experience that there is nothing worse than sitting in an art class of over twenty five people where you would be lucky to get five minutes of the teacher’s individual time. So when I started teaching portraiture from my studio around ten years ago, I decided that my classes would never be more than five people per class.

A small group allows me to tailor tuition to each person’s individual needs as one method of teaching does not suit everybody. Everyone has a different skill set and each pupil is encouraged to fully develop their own individual style; with five people I have the time to do this. In this way a small class is confidence building. If you are a beginner I will have the time to help you start off in the right way and if advanced I will help you build on your skills. A small group also allows you to listen easily to the advice being given to other pupils which could also be useful to you as well.

A small group can be very supportive, pupils have the time to get to know each other and informed feedback from peers can be very useful, there is a benefit from the input of other people who may have quite a diverse skill set.

Painting in a small group is a great way to relax, develop creative problem solving skills and to sharpen your observational skills-not to mention the tea, coffee, biscuits and relaxing music. What more could one want?

Portrait Painitng Classes The Smaller The Better

Date Published:

November 22, 2016



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