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Anna's Story

Portrait of Anna Carter of Carters Vintage Steam Fair
Oil On Linen
40" x 30"

A visit to Carters Steam Fair is like stepping back in time into the golden age of fun fairs. Both adults and children love the beautifully restored multi-coloured vintage rides and stalls. The woman behind all this is Anna Carter who along with her late husband John began Carters Steam fair in 1977 with the purchase of their first ride the classic roundabout called The Gallopers.

In my portrait of Anna Carter entitled ‘Anna’s Story’ I have tried to weave in a number of elements that reflect the story of both the fair and Anna’s life. From the Gallopers ride which started everything, I have painted the horse that bears Anna’s name. As you walk around the fair you will see several hand painted images of her late husband John, so I have put these into the painting as well. The scrolled image showing the name of the fair reflects the stylized fairground hand painted signage found on the attractions. Many of these have been produced by Anna’s son Joby who is supremely skilled in this vintage sign writing style. He is passionate about authenticity and the tradition of fairground painting and many of the rides on the fair have been painted by him