Galleries: Portraits

Felicity's Frock

Oil on Linen
46” x 28"

This is my new painting 'Felicity's Frock'. It is the second portrait I have created of Felicity who I met some time ago at a Vintage Fair.

The portrait is based on sittings and conversations I had with Felicity in my studio about her love of the Japanese Clothing brand "Innocent World". The designer Yumi Fujiwara created the brand concept of "Innocent World" inspired by classical European designs - particularly referencing the influence of Britain. The brand showcases elegance and cuteness and was celebrated in the 2012/13 Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition "Kitty and the Bulldog".

In the background I wanted to create an iconic Japanese scene. I chose to reproduce a detail from a print from the Edo period of Japan by the Japanese artist, painter and printmaker Katsushika Hokusai. Hokusai is best known as the author of the woodblock print series 'Thirty - six  views of Mount Fuji'. Mount Fuji is generally used as a symbol of Japans physical, cultural and spiritual geography.

Felicity is wearing the 'Innocent World' Union Jack dress and iconic Vivienne Westwood shoes. She made her own headdress which is very reminiscent of Japanese style.

Innocent World is a brand that showcases a fascination with the exotic and the alternative and recasts traditional modes of Japanese dress in a modern style.

This painting was a pleasure and a privilege to create. Thank you Felicity.