Commission a Portrait

Why not commission a portrait? It is a great opportunity to have something created that is lasting,personal and unique.A beautiful portrait can be an ideal gift to mark a special family   occasion or an event of personal significance.

The first thing to do is get in touch to discuss your requirements,these could range from a traditional composition of a head and shoulders portrait through to a more complicated life story portrait.You may wish to have small personal elements of significance included in your portrait - jewellery,an item of clothing, a pet - almost anything.

Feel free to get in touch with Carol to talk through your ideas,there is no commmittment to this initial chat.Commissioning a portrait is a surprisingly easy and fun process to be involved in.

The Commissioning Process

Where will the portrait be painted?

In most cases at Carol's studio in North London with the sitter attending for no more than three short sittings. Some people may prefer to commission a portrait as a surprise gift or may not have the time to sit. In this instance, Carol can work purely from the reference photographs taken or a photograph supplied by the client subject to its quality.

Can I choose the composition?

Yes. Compositions can be either a traditional head and shoulders or a ‘Life Story’ portrait where extra visual elements are added to tell the story of a person’s life and achievements.

How long will it take?

A typical portrait will be completed in around 12-14 weeks.

How much does it cost?

The following is a guide to current prices for portraits in oil. They may vary of course depending on the complexity of the portrait and number of sitters. Carol is always happy to discuss your particular requirements and budget with no commitment. The dimensions quoted are examples and other sizes are available:

16"x12" - £995

20"x16” - £1200

24"x18" - £1400

30"x24" - £1800

40”x30” - £2500

Discuss your portrait requirements

Carol is always happy to discuss your particular requirements and budget with no commitment.

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If you’re thinking of commissioning Carol for a portrait please take a look at the many examples of Carol’s work.

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