Portrait Painting Tips

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Seven easy ways for beginners to improve their portrait paintings

It’s very tempting to set up your easel and canvas and get straight into your painting  just to see...

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J C Drawing To Painting

Pencils before Paint Brushes

I am often asked in my portrait painting classes to outline my painting process. In my previous blog...

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Basic Rules For Oil Painting

Three Basic Rules for Oil Painting

I love painting in oils. Oils have a brilliant ability to capture colour due to their ability to...

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Beginners Guide To Materials

A beginner’s guide to materials

I am often asked by beginners in my portrait painting classes for a list of basic materials to bring...

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Felicity By  Carol  Tarn

Take time to know your sitter

Over the years that I have been painting portraits, I have realised that the better I get to know...

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